Avonworth District Show Support for Grief Awareness Day

Carolyn Abramowich, a junior, supports Grief Awareness day by sporting a fake tattoo.

Mrs. Maisner, the ninth grade World Geography teacher, shows support for Grief Awareness Day.

Pictured above are freshman Harris Robinson and Grace O’Brien.

Shown above is Hayden Lane who is in seventh grade.

Freshman Mack Suto is pictured above.

One of the walls in the middle school hallway is decorated with streamers and pictures, which help support Grief Awareness Day.

Pictured above is Stella Riale, a freshman.

Sophomore Luke Tomczak is shown above.

Hayden Robinson (11th), Brady Neidhardt (9th), Jonah King (12th) and Kierstin Kocher (11th) are pictured above (from left to right).

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