AHS Mixed Feelings About Eagles Winning 2018 Super Bowl

Reactions across the high school were mixed, as many local Steelers fans were not happy with either the Eagles or the Patriots winning the Super Bowl.

Some students enjoyed the ads:

About the game itself, apathy was the key.

Junior Amadeus Stern said the Eagles win “financially damaged him” due to losing $10 bets to both Sam Guzzo and Wiley Bozada.

“I couldn’t care less,” said Junior Greg Cawley, not a sportsĀ fan but also not a casual Super Bowl watcher like the 103.4 million viewers throughout the US.

Despite losing his bet, Junior Amadeus Stern still had enough enthusiasm to dab for our photographer 

Junior Greg Cawley shows enthusiasm for our photographer but not so much for the Super Bowl.


Physical Education teacher Mr. Coffin is a long time Eagles fan and was thrilled. “I knew from top to bottom that the Eagles had the better team.”

The ads were also a part of the experience, but not a large draw.

“I was entertained by them”- Alaina G
“I thought they were really funny, I like the tide pod ad”-Mary O.
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