In the past few years we have seen internet burst into a cataclysmic mess of knowledge available for anyone’s most passing urge of procrastination. Because of this growth people everywhere can post videos, photos, and even art to any website of their choosing; some of these can go Viral. Viral is a term given to any form of media that spreads rapidly throughout the internet with seemingly no true cause. Anything from a comment to even a seen from a movie can go viral. With everyone using media outlets in their everyday and some of these going viral, the question is, would going viral be a good thing?

The last time something like this happened was as recent as November 7th of 2014 when a 16-year-boy named Alex Laboeuf went viral while at work. While he was checking out a client’s items, the client, a girl named Abbie, took his picture and posted it to twitter with #alexfromtarget. Almost instantly it became an internet sensation and next thing Alex knew he was flown to Las Vegas for an interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres on TV the following tuesday.

With people saying something like this is a violation of privacy the question is, would it be alright if someone took a picture of you, for example, and had this happen? I myself am named Alex, I too live near a target, and at the Time I am writing this I have a read shirt on; does this mean I would be ok with myself becoming a meme? To answer your question, YES, I have always envied those who had memes based on their picture or quote. It really comes down to a few simple things why I would enjoy this.

First off, I would become sort of well known. While many people will say popularity can be a bad thing, something like having popularity as a meme is something that might not impact your life as much as a celebrity persay. I feel as though it is the perfect balance between being known and being well known. Many people use the internet and sometimes you can get some unwanted criticism or attention, but the internet is so large and expansive that for as many people give bad attention, there will most likely be a handful of people who give you good attention.

Second off is if you are looking for a specific job or have a specific goal then sometimes it might be easier to achieve this way. I want to be a Psychologist when I am out of highschool, but I also want to be able to make YouTube videos on the side. If I were to become a meme more people would hear about me and find out I’m a Psychologist, meaning more potential clients and for my YouTube channel, more viewership.

Third and final, I feel like it would open up a gateway to me make an impact. While many memes can fade away and if I had a meme I would be no exception, but it could be a jump start to something greater. Say if you were to become a comedian, you’re not well known and don’t have many gigs. If you were to suddenly have a meme about you it could help people learn about what you do and you would be more popular. I would just want to have the chance to make many people have a nice laugh and enjoy themselves.

So I will ask, how many of you would be ok with becoming a meme. Would you see it as unwanted or unwarranted popularity, or would you see as a chance to start something? I have stated my opinion and have nothing to further say. I would how ever like to hear your thoughts and opinions. What would you do if you were to become a meme? Have a great day and tip your waitresses.

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