On November 13, 2013 the annual Powder puff game began under the lights at Lenzner Field. With high winds and temperatures below freezing, the girls never gave up and still kept going on to the final minute. Each team played their best efforts but, unfortunately there can only be one winner. While the score remained close a remainder of the game, the black team (sophomores and seniors) came out with a stunning victory. Touchdowns were scored by soccer players Carly Stewart and Thanna Oddo. The black team defeated the red team 28-14.

This game comes together every year thanks to Mrs. Reilsano who organizes the fundraiser for the sophomore class. “It was way more successful than it ever has been,” Reilsano said. “We are trying to organize another game in the spring officiated by adults that have played flag football accurately, because a lot of the boys that officiated were friends with people on the team and, it can become chaotic but overall it was a huge success”, said Mrs. Reilsano.

All the coaches are football players and leading the pack of the black team was Levi Donovan and Colin Hunt while coaching the red team was John Gould and James Busbee. Levi Donovan was questioned on whether he thought his team was successful or not by saying “it can be shown on the scoreboard that we were very successful and our goal was to win and we won”.

Several spectators showed up to watch the girls play even in the bitter cold, sophomore Logan Brink commented on the girls game by saying “they came to play and I was surprised at how good they actually can play football. So overall, a lot of effort was put into a great game.”

Powder puff

11 Replies to “Annual Powderpuff game is a major success!”

  1. Mallory,

    Because I was not a spectator at the game, I found this article to be very informative, though it was biased. I wish that you had led into telling readers the result of the game, rather than opening with it. I feel that the information about each team should have been introduced first, such as the coaches and how they prepared for the big game. In addition, I wish that the picture was at the top of the page rather than the bottom.

    Aside from the order of presented information, I liked your incorporation of quotations from students actually apart of the game, as well as people who just showed up to watch.

  2. I would agree, there was a great turnout much bigger than I expected. I can’t wait to get some revenge in the spring.

  3. As the captain of the Junior-Freshman team, I would like to say that this article was quite interesting. I would just recommend to make sure your facts were correct before you publish a piece of work. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I feel as one of the captains of the Sophomore-Senior team and being a junior, you needed to do more research because the teams were actually all mixed up with players from different class levels and more people scored than them.

  5. Even though I was not able to participate in this powderpuff game I still think that the whole idea written in this article makes the game sound like a great experience. I also like the idea of having kind of a more realistic game, but I cant really grasp how everything will turn out. Overall, powderpuff is a great activity and should continue in our school!

  6. As being a participate in this event, I would like to say that having the game in the spring with adults officiating will help a lot. Most of the guys who were officials just called things for the team that their friends were on. It will be more fair in the spring.

  7. This article gave a very good understanding of the powderpuff game if you did not attend. I love how it promotes the game and also lends to the understanding that the game was so much more successful this year the previous years.

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