Thanksgiving is a day for family, turkey, and memories. It’s a time to get stuffed and scarf down pumpkin pie like nobody’s watching.  Unless, of course, you can’t afford any food. Some families can barely get by on a daily basis, let alone afford a stunning Thanksgiving feast for all the relatives. The tradition of Thanksgiving without the food is foreign to most people, but is a sad reality for some families. The idea of a feast is laughable.

However, one generous organization is out to change that. The North Hills Community Outreach is sponsoring several food drives across the North Hills area. Canned goods are the items being asked for, and Avonworth is answering.

“Schools are a huge help for us, partly because students like to get involved, also because we can reach a lot of people and a lot of families,” said the NHCO director of communications. She remarked that without school in session, the food donation greatly suffers in the summer. The box outside the high school office shows Avonworth cares; it is stocked high with canned goods. After it has been donated, the NHCO gets to work.

“The donated food gets taken to the food pantry, where volunteers sort it,” said the director of communications. Then, the food is distributed to families who need it.

“Cereal, peanut butter, canned soup, and canned vegetables are probably our most commonly donated,” she said. These are also the most needed items; they are all necessary to getting proper nutrition as well as proper protein. There are several days a week where the NHCO volunteers find themselves either sorting, grocery shopping, or distributing food. It is hard work because so many people are in need. Clearly, the volunteers are very dedicated to getting the “giving” back in drive lobby

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  1. I believe this wasn’t something students heard about enough and didn’t take seriously. I feel the bin could’ve been much more filled and even more boxes filled from the students and not as much teachers.

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