Olivia and her horseIMG_5517Olivia and her horse

IMG_5517 Olivia Alexander, for her Demonstration Speech project in Mr. Pastore’s speech class, brought in her horse, Satin, of 11 years. “We had to pick a topic that we know a lot about and present all about it. I thought it was interesting to have the horse right in front of us, for everyone to see”, said Addy Helffrich, who was there for the presentation. “She talked about what you have to do to take care of it, how to saddle it and clean it. She called the audience up to feed it”, said Jay Cee Prescott, also in Mr. Pastore’s speech class. “I thought it was interesting to have it right in front of us to see it for ourselves”, Jay Cee says, when asked how the presentation went. Mr. Pastore commented, “I enjoy when a young person displays such passion for his/her demonstration speech. That is why I introduce the speech by emphasizing to students to select a topic to demonstrate that they are fervent about.”

According to Mr. Pastore, this is the 3rd time someone has brought in a horse as a major component of their speech. As the other 2 students had done, Olivia had to get permission to bring in the horse through Dr. Lockette and make special arrangements. “To her credit”, said Mr. Pastore, “she did just that.” Satin lives at the Classic Equestrian Riding School in Wexford. Olivia rides her once to twice a week. The breed is a Chestnut Quarterhorse mare. Olivia’s ridden at least 20 different horses since she started riding at age 5, and hasn’t stopped since. At first for Olivia, horse riding was a challenge: “It was really difficult… I was 5 or 6 starting, but now it’s second nature.” Some advice offered for those interested in horse riding is, “Never go up to a new horse and expect them to love you – as soon as the horse falls in love with you, it’s a forever-lasting bond. It’s like a best friend.”

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing that Olivia mentioned that “…as soon as the horse falls in love with you, it’s a forever-lasting bond.” This statement is very true and it was a very nice piece by Jacob.

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