Trees might be growing in Avonworth dumpsters.

Not literally- however, paper is made from trees, and paper that could be recycled might be lounging in the dumpsters.  Rumors have been swirling around Avonworth that the green program isn’t always truly green. In fact, some students speculate the papers that are supposed to be recycled are instead being thrown in dumpsters, and in turn, landfills.

Mr. Haskins, Avonworth Middle School science teacher and sponsor of the middle school recycling club, seems to have questions about the recycling as well. Haskins acknowledges having no idea who takes away the recycling prior to recycling club’s annual beginning. “Recycling being taken to landfills is a strong possibility,” he stated.  Though this is just a possibility, Mr. Haskins does not seem to doubt it.

He said that when recycling bins become too full, or become a hazard, the custodial staff removes them and throws the content away. When approached, a janitor declined to comment.

“That’s terrible…” said Samantha Kott, Avonworth sophomore, when informed of the possibility surrounding recycling going to landfills.

“They (landfills) aren’t really recycled…they’re just dumped everywhere…” she speculated. Kott is not the only student who seems to be upset by the prospect of Avonworth not recycling.

“Definitely part of it is going to landfills, some of it might be recycled,” stated freshman Anna Joyce. She has a unique perspective on recycling; Joyce is a Girl Scout who is passionate about recycling. She even got support from her girl-scout troop and went before the Avonworth School Board and pleaded a case to further Avonworth’s recycling program.

“So decided to do it because we saw so many things being thrown into the trash and we went to a landfill and saw how much was being thrown away and how long it takes to get everything through the process and it was just so much waste…” Said Joyce. The Girl Scout Troop earned their silver award through this act.

“I take the time to recycle…why do they throw it away? That’s garbage!” shouted freshman Logan Yovetich.

Dr. Lockette, the principal of Avonworth High School, denies these rumors.

“My understanding is that the kids do collect it, and you know, it goes where it’s supposed to go,” he stated.

The legitimacy of Avonworth’s recycling’s whereabouts remains in question- two men on the administration have two different things to say about the papers’ location.recyling pictures-Megan Williams and Megan McAleer



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