A little less than a month ago, Pittsburgh received quite a surprise. Starting out in Hong Kong and traveling its way around the world brought a giant yellow rubber duck. Not just any duck but, an inflatable forty foot by thirty foot duck. The idea came from the Pittsburgh Cultural trust, and hosted the arrival of the duck with a block party held on the Clemente Bridge. Just the arrival of the duck alone had a total of 100,000 people and from there on it was made a legendary icon by the city of Pittsburgh. We interviewed some students on how they feel about the duck and what they thought of it before its departure. Senior Thanna Oddo said “I think the duck is adorable, but it does get annoying seeing all these duck pictures”. Week by week, more and more people posted pictures on social media sites with the duck. Soon enough, everyone was talking about it. Junior Jessie Berie gave a statement by saying “the duck is stupid and does not serve a purpose.” There were a lot of different opinions throughout the student body regarding the giant yellow duck. Many of the students as a whole either said “It’s cute” or “I really don’t care”. When the duck’s departure was coming closer, a lot of people in Pittsburgh were upset and, thought the duck should stay in the city. A petition was made in order to keep the duck, but of course it had to leave to travel to more cities. The duck stayed in Pittsburgh till October 20th until 11pm for anyone who wanted a last chance to say goodbye. After the duck left, it was estimated over 1 million people had saw and took a picture of the duck. So it is true, rubber ducky you were the one!

-Mallory Manz, Corey Clark and Maryana Stern

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  1. I personally think that this article is great concerning the two sides of the duck. I thought that the duck with a cute and pretty interesting but at the same time I didn’t really understand why people were making such a big deal over it. It was cool at first but then kind of dragged on so I would say that the duck came to Pittsburgh once and maybe if it came back in a couple of years I would be more interested..great article though!

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