The Avonworth dodgeball tournament could be straight out of a movie. Will the underdogs rise to defeat the two-time champs, the Dodgefathers? On Thursday, December 5th at 7:00 pm, students and teachers in Avonworth High School will be facing off for the title of best dodgeball team in Avonworth.

Gunner Goldie, a member of the Dodgefathers, thinks his team will be successful. He said, “I think we will win this year…because we won as sophomores, we played a much more athletic group of kids than the school has to offer this year.”

Cole Pappas, rival of the Dodgefathers, thinks otherwise. “I am Cole Pappas. I will destroy them. There is nothing else to say,” he said. Cole’s team lost in the first round of the tournament last year. Cole is not the only student who wants to see the Dodgefathers be defeated.

Gabi Sliwinski, who has done much to organize the tournament through Student Council, wants to tell teachers, “don’t let Jesse, Dalton, and the rest of their team win AGAIN.” Nevertheless, Gabi thinks that the Dodgefathers is the most promising team to win.

Even though there are rivalries forming in the school, all the proceeds are going to Children’s Hospital. The Student Council has advertised through posters and announcements. Gabi thinks the tournament is a good way to raise money because “It is a fun way for teachers and students to have friendly competition.” Cole agrees with Gabi. He said, “I love to compete against my classmates, comrades.”

8 Replies to “A New Underdog Story”

  1. I think the dodgeball game was fun for everyone, not just the players. It was fun to watch our classmates from the stands!

  2. Even though I did not compete, I had a great time watching the other teams compete. I also like the competitive nature of Cole in this article.

  3. The best part of the tournament was embarrassing my teammates and myself, and just having fun with no judgement!

  4. The picture and headline accompanying the article really drew me into reading the entire article. The article was well written the quotations were great and the lack of editorializing made the article one of my favorite to read

  5. I believe this article was very well written. The mix of quotes from the players made the article very interesting and entertaining to read. Also the ending paragraph adds to the fun of the article due to the fact that it brings the charitable affect of the tournament to the readers attention.

  6. I think that the dodgeball tournament is an great event here at Avonworth. I hope it continues for years to come!

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