Once the buses have left the school, you kind of just forget that people have lives outside of the classroom. Teachers don’t actually live at school, though it may seem like it. Students mainly come alive outside of the building too. You may know what your friends are doing. You may know who is going home and playing video games or who is going home and studying for three hours. But what about everyone else? Meet Andrew Cardone, or if you already know him, meet him in his passion. At Avonworth he is a nice and quiet guy. But outside of the classroom he is saving lives. I asked Andrew what he is all about.

“I went to Beattie Tech for about three years in which I’ve been taking part in EMS (Emergency Medical Services) training, while alongside that I’ve also done fire and police work, with a little bit of hazmat training along with it.” Andrew is involved in a variety of occupations that he enjoys. Although he is still mainly in training, he has been on a few jobs while shadowing professionals. Andrew recounts one event; “I have been on one call where it has gotten a little bit hectic. We ended up having to call in extra service from a different fire station a while away. It took four people to move others.”

Why would he choose to follow a path as hectic as this? Andrew mentions some of the extreme conditions he has seen and still decides this is what he wants to do. “Everyone throughout my life has been helping me in everyway they possibly can so I kind of feel like this is giving back to my community.” According to Andrew the most rewarding part of the job is saving a person’s life. “Being able to help your fellow man, thats better than anything you’ll ever be able to do.”

Andrew Cardone is a quiet and well mannered student. But it is his passion that brings out his true personality. There isn’t a thing that will stop him from doing what he loves and feels what is right.

Except some patients. Andrew says:

“One final thing I would like to say is about the smell of some patients. Not very pleasant.”jfk

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