Without others to rely on, everyone would be in trouble once in a while. Every so often you need someone to help you out and someone to count one. One such person is Avonworth High School Senior Justine Weiss. In school during the day she is a hardworking student, but once she leaves Avonworth she works even harder at something she really loves. Justine has been training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant at Beattie Career Center for three years. She also works at the Masonic Village as a server to residents. When talking about her choice in occupations, Justine just wants to make a difference in someone else’s life.

“I want to be able to come home from work and know I made a difference in someone else’s life,” Justine says. The only reward she seeks is being a help toward others. This caring approach toward her future career is what has lead patients to really warm up to her.

“I met this woman while working at the hospital and she told me a story about how she had went through breast cancer and how without people like us she would never have made it.” To many people the one they rely on is Justine. There are many people that work hard in order to make a difference in someone else’s life. Perhaps all they need is just a “thank you” to make it through the day. Justine is someone like this at Avonworth High School. She is a caring person with a life of hard work outside of school hours. Not many students at Avonworth can say they are already following their passion. For Justine she lives her passion in the people she helps. “Being able to say I help save someone’s life is a very warming experience.”

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