There is a lot of fashion at Avonworth High School, especially this time of year, but most importantly it is the trends that people look for. For example the hallways are where you see everything, from jeans to sweats to heels to flats. But what stuck out the most were the colors of what people are wearing. Army green and burgundy are the colors I see almost every day while walking through the high school. When you go into a clothing store at the mall, the first thing you see on the mannequin is an army green jacket, so there is no surprise that high school students are doing the same. Burgundy and army green are two colors that go together perfectly and can also look good. Students can also get their ideas from celebrities who wear the colors or endorse the product. I am not just seeing these colors on females but males as well. They are both soft colors that can be comfortable but also good looking.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of girls wearing army green jackets and burgundy pants with tall boots. In past years, this would not be the case, these colors were never shown in high school and people barely wore them.

Now in 2014 everything has changed and people are introduced by new trends including this one. In fact, this is probably one of the longest lasting trends I have seen during my time as a high school student. It is amazing how one person will wear an outfit, and then the next day ten people are wearing the same outfit. From social media to the school hallways, I saw the continuance of this trend starting to form and each day it continues to grow which is amazing in itself.

One half of a current trend - Army Green
One half of a current trend – Army Green

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