Fashion at Avonworth increases daily so it is important to keep up on the latest and greatest trends seen throughout the hallways. The next trend is important and has always been popular within the high school. Scarves have been seen worn a lot lately especially in recent years. They are the go to accessory when you are running late or need an extra kick to an outfit. They come in all different colors, patterns etc which is easy to arrange with any outfit. Most likely, every day at Avonworth someone can be seen wearing a scarf. Females are the target towards scarves rather than men, perhaps because clothing stores do not make as much money when men are buying scarves. According to Business Insider “men do not want to feel feminine by wearing a scarf, they rather wear a bow or neck tie instead” (

More often than not, females are wearing scarves during the winter to keep their necks warm yet still trying to be fashionable. “It’s a simple trend” said by senior Olivia London who herself wears scarves a lot. Scarves have always been a unique accessory because they complete the outfit. “It’s an easy accessory and it’s easy to put on,” said London on the classy yet simple trend. As for the guys at Avonworth High School, they feel that there is a certain line that cannot be crossed. “There’s a very strong stigma in the U.S. towards gay men and I think scarves show that so guys wearing scarves is wrong and inappropriate” said by senior Julien Robinet on why men should not wear scarves. The facts that are shown simply define the classic trend directed towards females and will expand because clothing stores will want to continue to make a profit off scarves.

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  1. Again, I feel to get more underclassman into these articles. But I can relate to this article, because if I wear a plain color shirt I usually just throw a scarf on. I really enjoyed this article.

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