The action of jumping next to a person near a locker and then hitting the locker with your hand is called “Locker Dunking”. It is a very loud and rowdy action that may be annoying to others in the hall.

When asked why people do locker dunking “Male Domination”, said Tony McGaha, a senior.  This action may cause problems within the school. It may cause a disruption within the school. Majority of the time, students are getting hit into the lockers. Is Locker Dunking dangerous?

“Well, yes, but that is what makes it fun,” said McGaha. Students continue to do this action even knowing that is potentially dangerous to individuals. Should punishment be given out to Locker Dunkers?

“They kinda should, because it could be dangerous,” said Shane Pentland, a senior at Avonworth High School. A lot of the teachers were unaware of the trend that is occurring.

“We do it all the time,” said Nigel Wellons, a senior and a locker dunker. Locker dunking continues to occur as many people do the trend in halls before lunch and other parts of the day. The action may not stoppable by punishment. Do other students approve of this fad?

“I don’t like it. I think it is inappropriate or not really funny,” said Julien Robinet, a senior at Avonworth High School. Even students think the action is immature, and is not school appropriate. While Locker Dunking may continue to spread, but many of the underclassmen have not heard about the fad yet. It is up to the students what will happen with fad, but like majority of fads it will end.

Nigel Wellons locker dunks on Damian Peters
Nigel Wellons locker dunks on Damian Peters

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  1. I feel that this is bias because the article is mostly centered around seniors. So maybe asking the underclassman would make it less bias and more persuaded.

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