Album: Because the Internet

Childish Gambino’s new album Because the Internet is another knock out album that will see the top of the charts just like Childish Gambino’s first album Camp. Although the new album is not as hype and upbeat as the previous album, the album does express Childish Gambino’s talents. With a variety of tempos and instruments included in each song no song sounds that same. Childish out did himself when connecting to his space cadet fans with the song Flight of the Navigator. When a calming acoustic guitar and a soft spoken singer are combined to make a music master piece, the listener has mind alternating experience. Childish puts insightful lyric as well his diverse sound. In Flight of the Navigator a line in the beginning of the song “And even when you laughed, when you cried, and even when you were sad you were really happy, Because you were here”.  Childish was describing a dream he had but the underlying meaning is that people should be happy because they are alive still on this earth. The variety of music Childish created in just one album shows his sophistication as well as talents as a musician. Childish Gambino deserves to have recognition in the music industry and with his first two albums he surly is proving that he is making  an impact not only his fans but the rap game as well.Childish-gambino-because-the-internet

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