Photo taken by Mallory Manz at a SuperTarget in Florida.


Target is the ultimate destination for just about anything, and millions upon millions of people shop there daily. But around Christmas time, the earthquake of destruction struck the Target Corporation. If any of you shopped at Target between November 27, 2013 to December 15, 2013, most likely your account was hacked due to a security breach in the system.  As a Target employee myself, I was worried at the time but ever since the media reported it, everything has gone downhill. I have answered numerous phone calls telling guests that the situation is being taken care of and, it has. Each day I watch the news, something new comes out about the breach that is false. As an employee, I am told the details of what is too come but I never expected it to be this bad. Social media has made Target look like they are worth absolutely nothing.

As I go into work five days a week, our store is still making sales by eighty thousand dollars each night. If that is not outstanding, I do not know what is. The main Target Corporation has gone above and beyond to make sure people are satisfied. The weekend after the news broke out about the breach, each person that came to Target got an extra ten percent off their purchase. Plus, the president of Target has offered one free year of secure credit monitoring to anyone. Like I said before, the media has torn apart Target and they have absolutely no right because they do not know the full truth. In fact, I have even rung up newscasters that have reported the story, and they are using a credit card so obviously they are not concerned.

Besides, millions of people each day have their identity stolen. If you are going to blame anyone, it would have to be the media, not Target.

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