Why do people do behavioral fads? Do people do it to send a message? Do people do a behavior just to follow the crowd? ”Because it is new and exciting”, said Olivia London, a senior in Avonworth.

Whatever the reason it is, behavior of students in Avonworth High School continues to change. In the 2012 and 2013 school year, a fad began that was brought in by David Heflin, a senior in Avonworth. “I first got it from my friend, who I work with at Jimmy Wan’s in Cranberry”, said Helfin

To some people, it may look like arms davidare just flailing in the air. To others, it is a specific arm motion. Does the motion even have a name or a meaning?

“I don’t think we have a name for it really at all… just like hand arm slap thing. People just notify by the motion”, said Helfin.  People are doing an action with no name.

Students in Avonworth High School wonder about the meaning of this fad.

“I have no clue”, said London when talking about the meaning of the fad.

Many behavioral trends can be created with a meaning, but when David was asked about the meaning of it, “I have no idea. We just did it and we thought it was absolutely hilarious,” said Helfin.

Nevertheless, the popularity of the fad grew last year. The fad has died since, but people still continue to do trends that might have no meaning behind the action.

“I feel very proud to start a fad within Avonworth even though it has died out”, said Helfin.

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