Recently, high school students at Avonworth were given the opportunity to participate in a unique collaborative experience – the Pittsburgh Galleries Project.  The project was communicated over the announcements one morning when any interested high school students were welcomed to find out more about and participate in the artistic endeavor.

In the past couple of months, “change” has been evident in the high school. From freshly painted classrooms to a new school store to the creation of a highly debated “Resource Center,” the Avonworth atmosphere is changing. The Galleries project will contribute to this alteration.

The Sprout Fund, an organization dedicated to creative progress and innovation is lending its support to Avonworth students. Through the Hive Fund, the school will be given ten thousand dollars to support the project that will allow students to work with one another in small groups to create one of five art installations. Currently, each group is focusing on a different art museum based in Pittsburgh and, with some guidance and a lot of creative passion and initiative, brain storming what their final installation might look like. The installations will, theoretically, be showcased in student chosen areas around the school building.

At the beginning of the month, groups were required to present their projections for their exhibits. Interestingly, these outlines can be accessed online through a website made specifically to catalogue the experience. The website, with a remarkably appealing design, has links to a photo gallery which chronicles the group ventures to their chosen museums. Even cooler is the fact that the students involved keep their own, individual updated blogs on the site to keep track of their thoughts concerning the museums, their exhibits, and anything else they wish to write about.

Those who are not involved in the Pittsburgh Galleries Project but wish to know more are encouraged to check these posts out at The passion and dedication of the artists involved, fellow high school students, is interestingly revelatory and, consequently, a delight to behold.

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