A lovely winter day at Avonworth High School
A lovely winter day at Avonworth High School

Avonworth gets a fair amount of delays and cancellations during the school year, but every now and then we are always the school to have a delay but a school nearby will have a cancellation. What is the reasoning behind this? Well, Superintendent Ralston follows the Allegheny Health Department guidelines which includes “If the temperature is above -5 degrees, school remains open, If the temperature and/or wind chill is predicted to be under -5 degrees, postponing the opening of school for two hours will be likely and, if the temperature and/or wind chill is predicted to be -15 degrees or colder, the cancellation of school will be likely”. Now since these guidelines are followed by our school district, it does not necessarily mean they are followed by other school districts.
Now I understand we remain open on days like these to get school work done but if the weather is negative four degrees, I am pretty sure I rather stay in my bed then have to wait at the bus stop because in the end I will end up catching a cold.
According to Pittsburgh Public Schools, they close their schools to “be based primarily on the condition of district roads or other weather conditions that would jeopardize the safety of children.” This can be shown that Avonworth works on a specific scale for the closure of the district while other schools clearly do not.
All I am saying is for the school to manage their cancellations and delays wisely. If it is still negative four degrees or lower after a two hour delay, school should be cancelled. Students especially elementary do not want to stand in temperatures below freezing just to get a ride to school. Most likely, parents will start to keep their children at home just to avoid the cold.

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  1. Mallory really gives a strong argument about the cancellation/delay process. I like the reasons she gives in her writing. Well written.

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