Mr. Como uses his megaphone to sidestep technical difficulties.
Mr. Como uses his megaphone to sidestep technical difficulties.

This past week all of the freshman, sophomores, and juniors made their schedules for the upcoming 2014-15 school year. The students had experienced different conflicts, frustrations, and excitement. Usually each grade is split up into different groups and called down throughout the day from the loudspeakers that typically give announcements. However, this year was different than any other as Mr. Como was running through the hallways with a megaphone announcing each group because the loudspeaker was down. Freshman Anders Ove said, “I actually end up missing the announcement because the loudspeaker was down, so I ended up going to the group afterwards and it was pretty confusing because I missed all the direction, but apart from that it was a good environment.” A majority of the students thought scheduling this year (the environment) was incredibly nice and everyone was helpful. As for the students, Mr. Como commented by saying, “I am very happy with how arena scheduling went, the Juniors were all pros and quite comfortable with the process as well as with the concerns we had. It was handled extremely well, and I was thrilled and impressed with how smooth the freshman class was.” Overall, the 9th, 10th and 11th grades enjoyed scheduling and thought the process went well for the 2013-2014 school year.


7 Replies to “Welcome to the Arena | Arena Scheduling 2014”

  1. Well written and would be beneficial for upcoming freshman to read prior to their first arena scheduling

  2. Even though sitting in first period listening to Mr Como yell was very annoying, I was very happy with how scheduling went, and even though i was in the last group i still was able to get the classes i wanted. i do believe that one person from every grade should have been interviewed for this article though.

  3. Hearing Mr. Como in the morning for the first time was very interesting…no one knew what was going on. Good article

  4. I feel that a person from every grade should be interviewed, that way it is not bias interview from one grade. Other than that it was a very good article.

  5. I lucked out in the megaphone process because I was in the main hallway at the time of the announcement. I feel bad for the students that missed their group; love the article though. Well written.

  6. When I first heard the loud speaker was down I thought that arena scheduling was going to be a disaster, but Mr. Como and his megaphone was a great idea! This article provided some great background but I think there should have been more interviews with more people and even the person who came up with the idea of the megaphone (Mr. Como)

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