Cher-Lloyd-2014-ImagesThe Bubble Gum Princess phase of Cher Lloyd’s post X-Factor career is coming to an end, and this change might be for the better.The lovable, energetic pop star Cher Lloyd is transforming from a princess to a queen, as she performed her new music at the Carnegie Music Hall in Homestead on April 1, featuring nine-teen sophisticated lyrics written by the very own Cher Lloyd.

One song, a pop ballad titled “Good Night”,  is about Lloyd’s life “behind closed doors” and her pain she goes through while she is on tour away from her family. The music she is producing now opens up those doors, which allows fans to connect to Cher on a personal level.

The Cher Lloyd tour of 2014 was a mini North American tour worth going to see, consisting of Cher’s hits songs such as “Swagger Jagger” , “I Want You Back”, and “Oath”. But a majority of the songs she performed were newly released tracks not available on the internet. Lloyd explained to the crowd that she was using her fans as a test run as to how they respond to her new sound, and they seemed to accept her new music and truly enjoy it.

After CherLloyd performed five times, Lloyd had an acoustic session, a surprise for the crowd because her public image is a pop singer with high energy and uptempo songs, rather than mellow acoustic covers of popular songs. She played a cover of the Black Keys “Crawling Back”, sharing her beautiful voice and natural talent instead of just her spunky look and Simon Cowell approved pop . Within the next year fans of Lloyd should expect to hear more of her own music, rather than the corporate-approved X Factor brand pop.

Between songs Cher Lloyd expressed her passion towards her performances and that she “produced her first album in 2010 and it took [her] four years to produce what [she] wanted to produce”. Her passion towards her music draws fans to grow their love and dedication for her. The Bubble Gum Princess was just the beginning of Cher Lloyd’s career and there’s a lot more to come from her. If you’re not a fan of her prior hits, its worth it to hear her singing and writing talent shine on these upcoming songs. Her genre is still pop music but less techno. Her lyrics seem  to have a deeper connection to Lloyd’ life than her recent top hits like Swagger Jagger.

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