Parade of Lights is an upcoming four member band that defines their sound as “alt-electro.” Based in Los Angeles, the group recently released their first single “We’re the Kids” along with another earlier single “Golden” that you may have heard during the Winter Olympics. But as budding artists, they seem to be having the typical struggle of defining themselves and also presenting a unique sound early in the game.

“We’re the Kids” is already accompanied by a music video which, evidently, is supposed to display the “alternative” band style but in actuality has incredibly poor lighting and quick scene cuts. Ryan Daly, Anthony Improgo, Michelle Ashley and Randy Schulte (the band members) all appear in the video clad in plaid flannel and Converse – come on. No originality.

The real problem is that the band appears to be trying too hard to be relatable, to appeal to the teenage generation. Their image, their sound, and their general presentation all seems extremely contrived and more a product of the industry than of their own persona as a band.

The music itself had potential – you have a catchy synth hook right at the start and an overall upbeat feel that never leaves, but as the song progresses, the listener is met with nothing but an extremely repetitive, what I can assume is supposed to be, a chorus, of the phrase: “We’re the kids now.” Otherwise, the verses are only about two lines at the most and not particularly memorable.

“Golden” seemed a little more promising, but only because it was reminiscent of the extremely catchy “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. If the band can’t define itself in its upcoming songs and appearances, the future doesn’t look too bright.

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