After the crowded hallways thinned out, Senior Max Graf began the 2013-14 awards assembly at 7:50 with a short speech, detailing how “we have grown both as individuals and as a school…” Dr. Lockette’s remarks followed, highlighting how “education truly is a community effort…this is truly an incredible community.”  Cheers greeted his brief post-script, as he said, “one more thing…weather forecast says 79 and sunny, so I think we’re going outside [for graduation ceremonies tomorrow].”

The first awards were presented by the Avonworth Fund for Educational Excellence,  funding over 16 awards in total this year, and represented by Ms. Merle Culley, who stated “I’ve been away for 5 years, but my heart is always here…that’s how important this community is for us.” Ms. Jane Angelini also presented some of the initial awards for the AFEE, as the school recognized achievements by student  artists, athletes, and academics for over two hours.

Alfred Beattie Award –  Andrew Cardone

Spanish V – Shane Pentland, Amelia Nahum

Latin IV  – Ryan Johnston  & Latin V – Kaitlyn Rudzik

French IV – Jennifer Guest &  French V – tie Natalie Malloy, Mackenzie Mayernik

Musical Director’s Awards:  Katie Pendrak, Zach Zimmerly, Jessica Keast

12th Grade Art Museum Project: 

AP:  Jessica Keast for “High Classicism of John Singer Sargent’s Portrait of a Boy”

                AC:  Maggie Williams for “Hellenistic Style in Claude Monet’s Sea at Le Havre”

David J. Mayernik Citizenship Award – Corey Clark

Avonworth Citizenship and Leadership award – Jacob Grande, Miriam Klueitenberg and Sarah Ward

Junior Class Project award:
1st place – Ryan Johnston, Terry Chao, Jordan Helbling, Eric Lippert

2nd place – Katie Abramowich, Maria Foster, Gabe Sasala, Kyle Crilley

3rd place
Sam Bassinger, William Molinari, Sydney Zasadni, Helena  Melanos Lecoq, Clair Danlyo

Male & Female Athlete of the Year
Female Athlete of the year: Beth Schneck
Male: Eric Gallupe

 Shawn Adams Outstanding Student Athlete Award:Beth Schenk

ASA Coach Helen Croft Memorial Scholarshi
Amelia Nahum, Corey Clark

Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete Award –
Andrew “Colin” Hunt and Katelyn Rudzik

Jacob Snively Memorial Scholarship Fund  
 Tyler Bolster

Ryan Ballou Citizenship Award
    Mackenzie Mayernik

David R Williams Scholarship Award – Josh Kujawinski, Hannah Lapiska

Art Awards – Austin Harvey, Filmmaker of the Year
Sarah Trobee – Designer of the year
Sarah Trobee, Lucas Llera, – CEO for art club awards
Alexis Monroe – Artist of the year

Dan Ulanowicz Award            Jake Filipowski

Richard D Zana Memorial Scholarship Award –
 Brady Collins

Problems of Democracy Student of the Year:
 Stephanie Springer

Avon Club Scholarship
:        Mackenzie Mayernik, Mairead McDonaugh

National Merit Awards          Colin Hunt, Ryan Johnston

Lenzner Award                        Rich Kastory

Jamie and Ali McMutrie Spirit of Giving Award    Catherine McKay

Blood Donor Award – Katie Abramowich, Zachary Zimmerly, Julien Robinet, Jenna Galuska, Lauren Schoeppner

Perfect Attendance – Chloe Mellon, Trevor Burke, Brion Canton, Anton Brillo

Westinghouse Science Honors Institute
Sam Bassinger, Terry Chao, Eric Lipper, Joe McDonaugh, Isaac Schmidt, Cody Exley, Jess Larson

Chinese Awards: Ray Watters

Drama Recognition:
Lighting:  Zach Zimmerly
Assistants:  Chloe Mellon, Christina Tuccillo, Mindy Weinzierl

Andrea Weinzierl “Great Save” Award:  Jenny Guest and Allison Joyce

Production Assistants:  Christina Tuccillo, Jessica Keast, Katie Pendra

Special Recognition:
Student Dramaturg:  Jessica Keast
Student Director:  Katie Pendrak

Outstanding Academic Excellence in Mathematics:  Colin Hunt

Math League Award: Shane Pentland

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Isaac George

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Maria Foster

Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award: Sam Bassinger

George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Kenneth Opipery

 Student Council Awards:     Stephanie Springer, Max Graf, Mairead McDonaugh
Katie Abramowich, Rebecca Volk, Stephanie Springer

Fantastic Freshman Officers: 

Trevor Gamble Borsh  President, Olivia Alexander VP, Patrick Deiger Secretary
Brandon Cerminara Treasurer

Athenian Award – Shane Pentland

Valedictorian – Mackenzie Mayernick

Salutatorian – Stephanie Springer

Honor Cords – Shane Pentland, Katelyn R, Gabi Sliwinksi, Amelia Nahum, Catherine McKay, Mairead McDonaugh, Sarah Kelly, Andrew “colin” hunt, Brady Collins, Michael Grande, Meagan Guest, Natalie Malloy, Liam McCafferty, Olivia McKay, Ericka Nosal, Thanna Oddo, Kaitlyn Pendrak, Julian Robinet, Nate Rothert, Abigail Sims, Maryana Stern, Emily Stewart, Ericka Thomas, Abigail Turnbull, Justine Weiss, Maggie Williams

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