Both varsity soccer teams emerged victorious after their games at Highmark Stadium on Monday, September 22nd.  The girls upset long-time section rival Vincentian Academy 2-1 in a match that was equal until the final buzzer.  The boys defeated Chartiers-Houston in a 5-0 conquest.

The scoreboard was only part of the triumph. Due to the amount of tickets sold by the two teams, they are both invited back to play at the stadium next season.

There are signs pointing towards a turnaround in the school’s overall attitude toward soccer.  The sport in general has been receiving a noticeably larger amount of attention compared to years prior, and attendance at the stadium on Monday was higher than most people expected.

The ensuing excitement of the games was indisputable. This was evident in the moments afterward as well as on the bus ride home.  All four of the coaches were very pleased with the outcomes, and the general consensus was that the rest of the season is going to be nothing less than exceptional.

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  1. Fantastic performance from both the boys and girls teams! Loved playing there. Well written article portraying both the positives from both teams.

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