Mary Lambert’s first single “Secrets,” off her first full length album Heart on My Sleeve, is about confessing many of her “secrets” and not caring if the world knows or what the world has to say about them.  Some of the secrets confessed consist of her bipolar disorder, being passive aggressive, and being openly gay.  The song has a much more upbeat, catchy sound than most of Lambert’s music, which is usually soft, quiet and serious.  “Secrets” is a catchy pop tune with easy to remember lyrics and chorus.

On top of being a very positive song the video also has a positive look.  Lambert, wearing a bright blue floral dress to match her floral tattoo on her left arm, plays a bright red piano, and serves as her own therapist sitting in a makeshift office jokingly writing “she’s crazy” on a clipboard.  For the final chorus, the room erupts into a party and ends with cheering and laughing.  The video has a colorful, upbeat tone just like the song and they compliments each other very well.

Overall Mary Lambert looks to have a bright singing career ahead of her.  Her claim to fame is writing and singing the chorus for “Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  She put out a song called “She Keeps Me Warm” which is supposed to be the other side of the “Same Love” story showing two gay females instead of males.  As well as covering Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl,” with a heavy piano and a much slower pace.

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