Taylor Swift’s first single, “Shake it Off” from her first official pop album 1989 is something you can not seem to escape. A lot of hype gets put into Swift and every little thing she does, what is she going to wear to the next award show, what guy is she going to date next, who is her new breakup song about or what kind of music is she making now since transitioning to a country starlet to a full fledged pop sensation.

If you have yet to hear “Shake it Off” then you must be living under a rock, it is impossible to escape.  In the lyrics Swift says how she does not care about what the “players” or “haters” are going to do, she is going to ignore them and do her own thing.  The tune is very positive and catchy and is rightfully hitting number one in many countries around the world.  It is a good turn for Swift, no longer country and still making great music.  “Shake it Off” is a much better song than its chart topping counterparts.

The video is just as upbeat and positive as the song itself.  Including many different costumes and concepts to almost parody a few people in the music industry like Lady Gaga, Skrillex, and possibly NIcki Minaj with a few cuts of twerking.  The video does not go along with the message of the song so much but it is a fun video to watch and is just a positive as the song.

The song may be everywhere you go and impossible to escape, but at least it is better than what other female artists, like Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj, are doing to music.  Taylor Swift is rightfully one of the top female artists in the world, with over 200 awards and 400 nominations, and this song is just another number one hit to prove her dominance.

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