In the middle of the five performances Junior Angelica Tozzi is leading as Anne Frank, here are some of her thoughts on playing a role so many students are familiar with from the memoir Frank wrote.

“Auditions are always nerve wracking,” said Tozzi about trying out for the role, “you want to present yourself in the best way possible, and a good way to do that is to prepare. So when I chose my monologue (from The Crucible), besides memorizing it, I read parts of the play to try and familiarize myself with the character and story. At actual auditions, you have to be ready for anything that she (Director Deborah Frauenholtz) throws at you and also willing to try your best.”

Once Tozzi found out she had landed the role through cast list posting on the Drama board, she began various steps to inhabit the part.

“Rereading the script, checking out books from library about Anne Frank, reading the actual diary of Anne frank, watching Natalie Portman–one of the original Anne Franks on Broadway–speak about her role in playing this young girl. It’s a large undertaking portraying her.” said Tozzi.

Angelica also came to understand Frank beyond the initial recognition she holds as a poignant voice again the violence of the Holocaust. “The show isn’t about the Holocaust itself, it’s about families who went into hiding together for two years and how they lived together” said Tozzi.  “And what people usually miss is that Anne Frank wasn’t perfect. She was a thirteen year old girl when she went into hiding who wrote all of her thoughts and feelings down on paper. She was not a saint, she had her good days and her bad days just like everyone else does. But (as said in the show) she wanted to be useful, and bring enjoyment to all people, even those she had never met. She wanted to go on living even after her death.”

Tickets are sold out for the remaining three performances tonight, Saturday afternoon and evening.


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