Varsity Golf
Boys Soccer and Cross Country are not the only teams improving their game; this season, Caroline Carlson, ‘16, made history by becoming the first female AHS golfer to qualify for the State Golf Competition. “I’m really thrilled! In the past two years I haven’t even qualified. I ended [WPIALS] with a bang,” said Caroline after the competition. Being in York for the first time ever, she was thrown into a competition against over a hundred people. “ My goal was to make it to states, so now it’s just to have fun, relax, not to put too much pressure on myself. Especially with golf, if you are nervous or feel any pressure, that can really mess up your game. Just golf good rounds, just as long as I have a good round.” Although she won’t be going on professionally, she sees this as an opportunity to grab scholarships for the future.

Beyond Caroline’s personal success, the team also grew as a unit. “We lost a lot of people since last season, but at least we were still able to keep the team together,” said Nick Horwat, ‘15, a member of the team,“My personal accomplishment this year was just to become a better player myself, and for the team . . . bonding. We were friends this year, but together we can do better. This year wasn’t too spectacular, but at least we had fun.”

Caroline Carlson also had a take on the importance of a team, especially in golf . “In golf, you take a swing, the majority of time you’re talking, getting to know our team. Sometimes you get frustrated, talking to other golfers makes that a lot easier to deal with when we are competing, but at least with people, we’re nice to each other and help each other out.”

Girls Volleyball
“I think that the seniors really helped the team with their successes,” said Freshman outside hitter Kat Kosko about being a new members of the 14-15 Varsity Girls Volleyball team, “and even during a tough loss they were always there to support the team. They were really great role models for all of the girls!”
The varsity team consisting of seniors Caitlyn Miller, Jenny Guest, Emily Grambo and Taylor Jenkins, finished the regular season with strong 7-4 record, along with a trip to playoffs.
“I think that our second game against the South Side Beavers was the turning point for our team. Then, when we played Our Lady of Sacred Heart, we knew that we had the potential to win, and we used that determination to pull through. And finally, beating Eden Christian allowed us to confirm our spot in the playoffs,” said senior defensive specialist Jenny Guest.
“The team highlight for me personally is when we won against our rivals OLSH. Our varsity and JV team worked well as a team and we really stepped up to the plate and got us the win,” said freshman middle hitter, Ava Groll, about her personal highlight.
The victory over OLSH, as well as against Eden Christian, both marked victories of poignant meaning. OLSH was undefeated in section play, but the Lady Lopes were victorious against them as well as a clutch win against Eden Christian to secure a playoff spot. Avonworth Golf Team has made some progress this fall season, and they are enthusiastic about next season.

Girls Soccer
Despite all the difficulties, Girls Soccer still accomplished beating two biggest rivals Vincentian 2-1 at Highmark stadium, along with beating Sewickley Academy and taking away their section title. Some of the girls on the team believe that the team was lacking leadership in many ways, along with having to work together as a team.

”We need stronger leadership next year, and hopefully our coach will make better decisions,” said Captain Alex Kirsh. Next year the team plans on being very successful with the upcoming seniors Lauren Padalino, Molly Rind, Alex Kirsh, Carly Stewart, and Lauren Robinet, stepping up and taking more responsibility into their own hand.
“Next year we are going to be amazing, especially because we will actually have leadership,” said Junior Molly Rind.

Multiple players also expressed disappointment with the support they received from their coach, stating off record that the coach could have believed in them a little more, because there were times where the girls felt that their coach was giving up on the team.

“Our goal is to get a banner in the gym with the upcoming freshman and players we have,” said Junior Lauren Padalino. Even though the season has had its ups and downs the team has become closer and respects the decisions that were made by the coach and other teammates, and those decisions have benefited the team even though they were not all likeable decisions. The girls ended up finishing off the season with individual highlights despite enduring a losing season.

The Avonworth football team finished the regular season with a strong 8-1 regular season and heading to the second round of the playoffs against Riverside this Friday.  Despite losing starting quarterback, Zach Chandler, early in the season the team was able to string together blowout victories outscoring their opponents a combined 235 to 116.  In the first round of the playoffs the boys took on Mapletown at home and took another victory 34-0.

The road ahead won’t be easy, more than likely they may have to have square off against the only team this year to hand the ‘lopes a loss this year, North Catholic.  Both teams with a similar goal, fight for the WPIAL championships at Heinz Field and then possibly past to battle for the state championship in Hershey.

For most of the boys the highlight of the year was simply making it to the playoffs, some believe that making it to Heinz and maybe even past is a very possible achievement.  They are ready to work hard and win as much as possible.

North Catholic has been the team’s hardest opponent in the past few years, North Catholic knocked Avonworth out of the playoffs last year ending the Heinz Field dreams then.  So what remains for goals this season and beyond? “Go undefeated,” said Brandon Cleary, a possibility if they can finally get the better of North Catholic this season and come out with a playoff victory against their rival to build on during those humid off-season workouts next summer.


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