The Penguins have been continuing dominance in their past few games with three straight wins, including snapping Montreal’s six game win streak with ease in a 4-0 shutout, backed by goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury.  In bigger news from this week, however, comes from off the ice.  Forward, Pascal Dupuis, in a press conference this past Wednesday said he was diagnosed with a blood clot in his lungs, possibly ending his career in hockey.

“It’s not a great situation to be in but it’s the card I’ve been dealt,” Dupuis said in his press conference.  He also went on to say that hockey is second to him right now behind being healthy for his family, and rightfully so.  Dupuis is happily married to his wife, Carole-Lyne, and has four kids, Maeva, Zoe, Lola and Kody.  The blood clot traveled from his knee to his lung, he and doctors were aware of the clot last season when Dupuis suffered a torn MCL and ACL.  He was on blood thinners for six months then as well.  Team physician, Dr. Dharmesh Vyas, says his condition is stable but it is still a question if he will be able to play again.  This season Dupuis has racked up eleven points with six goals and is one of the Pens top performers.

The Penguins have had some bad luck as of late when it comes to serious life threatening situations such as this.  Before last season, goalie, Tomas Vokoun was, and still is, sidelined indefinitely because of a blood clot, Kris Letang suffered a stroke, and Olli Maatta just returned to play after having a cancerous tumor removed from his thyroid gland.  Dupuis is expected to miss at least six months to undergo treatment with blood thinners.  From there it is not known if Dupuis will be healthy enough to play again.  This is also not his first serious injury this year.  Dupuis was involved in a scary scene last month taking a puck to the back of the neck.  He quickly came back from that not missing a single game.

The Pens acquired Dupuis in a huge trade at the trade deadline in 2008, when we received not only Dupuis but Marian Hossa.  At the end of the season Hossa left for Detroit but Dupuis stayed and quickly became a team and fan favorite.  He is loved by his teammates for being a great leader and role model for younger players.  Dupuis gave his press conference on Wednesday with his coach and teammates right by his side.  Dupuis will also remain by the teams side, taking in Thursday morning’s practice from the stands of Consol Energy Center with general manager, Jim Rutherford.  Many fans have been showing support,  many tweets from fans using the hashtag #DupuisStrong, quickly after using a similar note for Maatta, #MaattaStrong.

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