San Francisco rapper Watsky, accompanied by Anderson Paak, and Kyle, sells out a club styled Stage AE on November 12, 2014 with his All You Can Do Tour and he did all he could do to bring the house down.  The crowd was ready for a party from the very start.

Anderson Paak started off with a mellow and soulful sound that is hard to come by in rappers these days.  He sat down for a few songs to show off some drum skills and closing his set with a very hype bass drop song called “Drugs” Paak showed he can be both sides of rap, the heavy, profanity -filled style and the cool, soft poetic sound.  He was an act that came full circle in rapping, singing, and instrumentals.

The second act to go on was a rapper named Kyle, formerly known as K.i.D (Kyle is determined).  First his hype man, Brick, came out first and set the stage for Kyle by creating a club atmosphere, dropping a lot of bass and remixing popular songs from today, like “No Flex Zone” by Rae Sremmurd and “U Guessed It” by OG Maco.  When Kyle came out he put on a set with new and old stuff with a lot of fan interaction, as well.  From throwing fruit snacks to surfing the crowd on a boogie board.  Kyle’s nickname is “Super Duper Kyle,” and he was nothing short of “super duper.”

Watsky had some tough acts to follow, but he did so with ease.  Watsky normally puts on a very loud energetic show that has its moments of cool mellow poetry – this show was no different.  Coming back out to join Watsky on stage was Anderson Paak.  The two recorded a few songs together including “Ink Don’t Bleed” and “Hand Over Hand.”  This was his first time playing a headlining show in Pittsburgh and he sold out the back section of Stage AE.  He played only one song off of his first album, “Seizure Boy,” and the rest were from his last two albums “Cardboard Castles” and, “All You Can Do.”  Along with his quick raps and mellow sounds, Watsky also dabbles in poetry,  Occasionally slowing the show down and reading a short bit before crashing back into tongue twisting verses of his songs.  Like Kyle, Watsky was very close with the crowd, at one point taking peoples phones on stage with him so they all had a great video to show off.

Anderson Paak, Brick, Kyle, and Watsky all put on a performance that will be hard to forget.  If you have not been aware of such acts, it is recommended you give them a listen.  If you like Childish Gambino then you will enjoy these three very much.

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