As the school day drew to a close, hours before their first midterm, people were tapping away at their phones, engrossed in Avonworth’s latest app fad, Trivia Crack. The purpose of this game is to beat strangers or your friends by answering questions. These questions come in categories and you spin a wheel to see which category that you land on.They are completely random questions. The more questions you get right the more beneficial to you, because you have the opportunity to win crowns and win the game.

All around the Avonworth halls, friends ask each other obscure questions that you would never hear on a regular basis. . The game seems to be the sensation throughout this midterm week and it is full of excitement, competition, and frustration.

Freshman Nicole Costa states, “Trivia Crack is very addictive and it’s fun getting to play against all of your friends. It feels great when you win, but it’s very frustrating when you lose.”

We also talked to senior Callie Downing who says that “The game is very addicting and I only started playing because all of my friends had it on their phones.”

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