As the Children’s Hospital Auction is now under a week away, Student Council nears the end of another fundraising source – the homeroom Change Challenge. After all homerooms were sorted into twelve brackets three weeks ago, six homerooms remain, a mix of grades and subjects.

“Just keeping the charity visible and contributing any way is what matters to me the most,” said semi-finalist Mr. Tuffiash, whose Honors English 11 class defeated Miss Schwer’s Honors US History Class to move on to the semi-final round.

Joining his homeroom for the third round were the homerooms of Miss George, Mrs. Villani, Miss Duker, Mrs. Long, and Mr. Pastore.

“ I would love to win against Mr.Pastore and Mrs.Long because I’m very competitive against the two of them,” said finalist Miss Duker, who now join Mrs. Long’s’ homeroom as the final three.

“I think the excitement should be more for the students and not for myself, although I am excited by the fact that it is a competition based on the fact that it is a competition for the students,” said finalist Mr. Pastore.

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