Give it up to the United Kingdom for being the homeland of so many great music artists.  Their newest big time upcomer is a foursome called The Vamps.  Their first album Meet the Vamps reached number two on the UK albums chart and topped at number 40 in America.  They have a very distinct pop vibe for themselves that is fun to listen to and great to sing along to.  The band consists of Brad Simpson (lead vocals and guitar), James McVey (lead guitar and vocals), Connor Ball (bass guitar and vocals), and Tristan Evans (drums and vocals).

Meet the Vamps features hit songs like “Last Night,” “Wild Heart” and, their most viewed on YouTube with over 47,000,000 views, “Somebody to You,” featuring Demi Lovato.  On top of having chart topping singles in the UK, The Vamps were joined by a few notable names to help write a few songs on the album.  Paul Simon, of Simon and Garfunkel, helped write the song “Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)” and Bruno Mars gave his writing skills to the song “Can We Dance.”  Each of the groups first five singles reached the top ten on the UK singles chart.  The album all together reached gold status in the UK by exceeding 100,000 sales.

The Vamps from just making simple covers in their garage and posting them on YouTube to selling out their first headlining tour, a tour called the “Meet the Vamps Tour” a 16 show tour across their native England.  They have a planned Asia Pacific tour coming up in 2015 hitting Australia, the Philippines, and Japan.

All of their music has a great tune and catchy sound that separates them from other boy bands making music today.  With a repertoire of not only their own music and great covers of popular songs The Vamps have great staying power and should be more widely known around the country, then the world, soon enough.

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