Brit pop boy band, Rixton, has had a strong start to their music career.  Their hit single “Me and My Broken Heart,” topped out at sixth in the American top twenty, and reached number one in the UK.  At first listen the band may sound like Maroon 5 as lead singer, Jake Roche, strikingly sounds a lot like Adam Levine.  Once you get past the very similar vocals you begin to get a feel for who Rixton is.  Along with Roche, Charley Bagnall (guitar), Lewi Morgan (drums), and Danny Wilkin (bass and keys) are ready to debut Rixton’s first album Let the Road on January 6th, 2015.

In this day and age, pop music is nowhere near the same in unique styles and sounds that it used to be two or three decades ago.  Ever since the mid 90’s, a lot of pop music has been made through computers, and a lot of hits built through Autotune and other software.  There was also a rebirth of boy bands, and doesn’t the world love a good boy band?  Rixton is different from your stereotypical boy band, however.  Yes, all the members sing, but Roche is the only lead singer and the rest are backing vocalists.  Everyone also plays an instrument, which is slowly becoming a lost art in pop music.  Rixton is not like the boy bands of One Direction or The Wanted, either, as they craft their own catchier hooks and were not put together by some company looking for money.

As of now, Rixton has a few songs available on itunes.  On Youtube, however, you can find a plethora of videos showing their musical chops thanks to their own channel and a Rixton Vevo channel.  Some of the most viewed videos include their top hit, “Me and My Broken Heart,” as well as their new single “Wait on Me,” and a few other songs featuring “Make Out,” and a cover of Ariana Grande’s massive hit “Problem.”  All the songs are fun to listen to and catchy, and so are the videos that accompany each song.

The boys of Rixton are eager to show the world what makes them unique in this new world of very generic pop music –  they are a true pop band, playing catchy beats and delivering melodic, sing-along worthy lyrics.  More than likely you will be hearing a little more of Rixton scattered across the top 40 charts not just in their native United Kingdom, but also here in the States.

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