There is still the slight chance the Steelers could finish 8-8 for the third consecutive year. This would be a huge let down to myself, and Steeler fans everywhere. But why does it feel like this year would feel worse going 8-8 than previous years?

It is because of opportunity. Its not a secret, Big Ben is getting older. Our defense is still recovering from the loss of many veterans, but their young talent looks hopeful. It’s not so often that we have a receiver, Antonio Brown, who is leading the league in receiving. Along with a running back, Le’veon Bell, who is second in the league in rushing. All of this coupled with the fact that Ben is, at times, playing like a younger version of himself, a version that won 2 Super Bowls.

With this kind of play how could they lose, you might ask. Well it boils down to inconsistent play, and a young defense. The Steelers have dropped easy wins against the Jets and Bucs, who at this moment have a combined record of 4-22. With a tough ending to the season, where they will face division opponents multiple times, the Steelers need to step up.

So why would it be worse this year to go 8-8 than other years? It’s because Steelers fans have something special here in Pittsburgh to root for – an actual chance at the playoffs without backing in or getting a gift from other teams choking.

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