How often have you heard a new slang word in 2014? The most commonly used slang word of 2014 is “bae”. The word bae has been said numerous times in the past year, and by whom? By more than 70% of teenagers. I’m sure you may have heard the word bae from people in public, a relative or young neighbor, or maybe you have been called someone’s “bae” yourself. So what is a bae? It is sure not a large body of water. Bae has many different definitions; some of the popular ones are B- before A- Anyone E-Else. Teenagers have no yet decided if bae is an acronym or a shortage of the word babe, or baby.

This word became popular in the middle, and end of the year 2014. The term may have come from Pharrel Williams, when he released a song called “Come Get It, Bae” in the summer of 2014. Many others think this refers to a sheep sound as the word bae was used in the 1500. When you hear this word that means someone must be referring to their boyfriend or girlfriend.

As the New Year begins, bae still seems to be a used term. Many teens are annoyed with it, and many teens still use it. Hopefully the word dies down as we go on in the year, and see other annoying, yet popular terms are born.

The main reason this word blew up is because of social media. Such as twitter, instagram and even Facebook. When scrolling through my feed on social media, many headlines had the word bae in it. I personally find this word unattractive. If a boy were to call me bae I would probably never talk to them again. I would rather be called by my name, and be treated like a normal person rather than a subject.

As 2015 begins, many hopes for the word bae to fade away are increasing. I wonder what other slang words are yet to come.

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