The Avonworth lobby is about to become a little slice of culture, thanks to an ambitious art installation conceived by the Pittsburgh Galleries Project. The Mattress Factory group, who aim to pay tribute to the creative and unconventional artistry of the North Side staple, intend to create an old-fashioned telephone booth with one purpose: charging various devices.

Trevor Gamble-Borsch, one of the most active members of the group describes the project as “a phone booth that will be going into the lobby; there will be various chargers connected to it, in case a student needs to charge their device in regulation with the new BYOT laws.”

The new Bring Your Own Technology laws have caused many student meltdowns due to problems here and there. The issues cited with our new approach to technology include the wi-fi, or lack thereof, problems adjusting to a Google-oriented learning experience, and overall frustration with computers here.

These bugs, according to Gamble-Borsch are why students are relying so heavily on devices, and why people need a charging station. Not only does the phone booth fix problems regarding new policies, but it also finds a unique way to honor The Mattress Factory; “It uses a lot of installation art, and museum-goers can interact with it and view it from a distance. We’re trying to do the same thing here,” said Gamble-Borsch.

The project takes mass amount of dedication, and hard work. Trials and tribulations regarding the donation of chargers, obtaining of materials and group communication daunt the members of The Mattress Factory group.

However, with a lot of sweat, electricity, and “mass quantities of wood”, Trevor says the telephone booth will be a glorious, innovative aspect of Avonworth.

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