On January 15 the ninth grade honors World Affairs classes joined a collaborative project- Action 2015. The students participated in a conference to discuss world issues with schools close to home and with schools continents away.

Schools joining in on the conference where:

Agora Cyber Charter School (Pittsburgh, USA)

Colegio Newland (Querétaro, Mexico)

Cornell School District (Pittsburgh, USA)

Del Valle High School (Austin, USA)

Kherad School (Tehran, Iran)

Northwestern High School (Erie, USA)

Quaker Valley High School (Pittsburgh, USA)

The students utilized Twitter during the conference using the #action2015 the kids were able to tweet question and have discussions with the other schools. Freshman JJ Igims tweeted that, “Achieving universal primary education is in my opinion the most significant goal because improving education will bring up the motivation to achieve all of the other goals [Action 2015 has set up]; education will bring the understanding of the consequences if the other goals are not achieved.”

While some students tweeted about the video conference some got the chance to ask question and to offer their own ideas to the other participating schools. When asked about the conference freshman Jimmy Knable said, “I feel that there are a lot of conflicts going on that are being discussed and that within them the discussions we’re having in our class are interesting.” Jimmy also thought it was a good way to see what other people in the world think about the same topics.

On the other hand some students thought differently. Freshman Sam King  said that it wasn’t interesting because he didn’t truly care and felt bored overall.

Even though there were some students who didn’t find Action 2015 interesting there were some who felt the conference to be needed. An anonymous freshman said when asked about the program that, “I think its a worthwhile experience to see what other people in the world think about these issues.”

All in all, the freshmen experienced a unique conference that was enriching. The exposure to powerful diversity, innovative ideas, and young idealism certainly were inspiring to many people involved.


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