Often times, people might care deeply about a cause but feel an even bigger burden when they think about making a financial donation. A teen only has so much allowance or pay from 15 or 20 hours of work a week, for instance. But, whether teens or members of any age range, people need to remember how awful these struggles are before they just move on and forget these causes.

Around 100,000 kids under the age of 15 die from cancer worldwide each year, that’s about 250 kids that die a day. We all know that there is no certain way to stop kids dying from cancer, but there is definitely a way to start helping to find a way for that to happen through donating to people and causes in need. A lot of people often use the excuse that they can’t donate because they don’t have the time, or money. They also use excuses that they are in debt, or just don’t have the money at that time. There are also many teenagers who don’t have the money, or have only a little that they need. But in reality no matter how much or how little money you have, you can always find a way to donate or raise money to a cause or people that are in need. Even though most people often think that the only way to donate is right out of your pocket, it’s not.

You have to be creative and think about other ways that are possible to donate without taking it directly out of your pocket. For example you could raise money and donate it to a cause. But wait, you probably say to yourself well if I don’t have money to donate then how am I supposed to buy things to sell to then take that money and donate. Well you don’t have to spend any money if you don’t want to when you fundraise. You could put up posters, or posts on twitter and other social media saying that you would appreciate donations for a fundraiser that you are doing for a cause. Once you have all the donations that you need, you can hold your fundraiser.

More people need to start realizing that giving to people in need doesn’t mean that you have to take the money directly out of your pocket and donate it. You also have many other options that don’t have to involve that. So the next time you want to donate think of other ways to try to raise the money, instead of taking it out of your pocket. With you finding other ways to donate, you are helping organizations raise money to help save lives of many people in need.

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