There have been a lot of interesting trends throughout the years – huge puffy dresses, leg warmers, tie dye and everything in between. But trends like the jean jacket, high waisted jeans, scarves, and oversized sweaters are making a huge comeback. You see people everywhere wearing those articles of clothing. Its very interesting considering our generation is very fast moving, always changing. Whether it has to deal with technology, music, word-play, games almost anything you can think of. But clothing isn’t really seeming to be moving along with it.

Adults are shocked that the, ‘uncomfortable and sweaty’ high waisted jeans are making the biggest comeback. Although scarves have never went away, you rarely saw people wearing them for fashion. But now almost every girl has one on, same with oversized sweaters. These become especially popular in the fall and winter seasons of course. The jean jacket is also making a tremendous comeback. Its interesting especially with those because, moms, really favor the jean jacket. You wouldn’t think the kids would try that fashion out. All of a sudden every girl; is wearing them with their outfits. What comes around, goes around is the saying, but who knew it would be so closely related with clothing. Clothing is changing a lot, from crop tops to crop sweatshirts, to floral print coming back, for boys and girls, even velvet. Just the fact that there is so much new coming but is incorporated with the old is fascinating.

Although, some old fashions that are coming back aren’t always going to be as popular as the highwaisted jeans, such as corduroy. You do see some pants or shirts with that fabric and it is just not a good look. Even the big hoop earrings, that come down to your shoulders are coming back, although they are making a comeback doesn’t mean it is a good comeback. You just have to wonder how long these trends are going to last, and when new ones are going to arise.

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