Students and teachers alike were satisfied with this January’s abundance of two hour delays instead of cancellations. Out of 20 student days, 5 were delayed due to the usual winter mix of snowy and icy road conditions along with below zero temperatures.

“I do like spring break, but I wouldn’t mind one or two snow days,” said sophomore Matt Fuller. Both Juilanna Nicholaus and Katie Gould also agreed.

Other interviewed students stressed how much they appreciated extra sleep and a faster school day while keeping the 9 scheduled student days off from March 27th through April 6th.

The teacher perspective was similar.“We have a spring break with {student} days off spread across three weeks, if we can avoid cancellations.” said Mr. Tuffiash about his preference for delays or cancellations.

“I would much rather be outside in April in the middle of a long vacation instead of inside avoiding bitter wind-chills and black ice patches for one unexpected day off of work in February. I’m 100% on Team 2 hour-delays this year.”


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