One of the most notable punk rock groups of this generation could be coming to an end? Not something  punk music fans want to hear. It was clear Blink-182 was a different band than it used to be after they came back from their hiatus in 2009 with a semi decent album and a lackluster EP in 2012. Things have changed. Even more now as it seems the bands struggles have been plastered all over the internet for their fans to read. As I read it myself, I feel a tear come to my eye.

Best friends Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus created the band Blink-182 back in 1992 with original drummer Scott Raynor, who was later replaced with Travis Barker in 1998. Since then Blink (as they are also known as) has become a powerhouse in punk rock music, being the influence and idols of many bands and musicians today. After release of their fifth studio album, Blink-182, in 2003, the band went on a hiatus in 2005 that lasted six years. During this time each member of the bad had other musical projects.

Delong started Angels and Airwaves, where he has put a lot of focus on currently.  Hoppus and Barker began +44, while Barker occasionally branches out from punk and provided drums with many different artists, including Yelawolf and Tom Morello.

In recent performances it has become noticeable that there is a clear disconnect between Tom and Mark. Back in the early 2000’s they were as close as brothers, with such an amazing chemistry between them. Two punk rock best friends that did what they loved, play punk rock music. Then in more recent live shows it seems like not only is the chemistry gone but it does not seem like they are even having fun with it. It almost seems like Mark wants to have fun but Tom is holding him back. On top of faulty live shows the band has been promising new music for a little over two years now and nothing has come from it.

They were set to go into the recording studio on January 5th, but on December 30th, Tom’s manager e-mailed Mark and Travis saying that Tom does not want to record and do non-musical stuff. After a few more emails, Toms manager said “Tom. Is. Out.” The same exact email sent ten years ago when the band went on hiatus. The whole process of the fallout between the guys is being posted all over social media and in interviews.

First there was a small article written that said Tom had left the band temporarily to “explore his non-musical endeavours,” and that Tom would be replaced by Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba for an upcoming Musink Festival show. Then later Tom made a post to instagram saying “I never quit the band.” It was hard to tell which news was true as to if was Tom was still in the band or not.

Then in an interview with Rolling Stone, on Monday, Mark and Travis set the record straight and put everything on the table. Tom is out of Blink-182. Mark and Travis want nothing more than continue to play Blink music, and that is exactly what they are going to do. Whether Tom wants to or not, and he clearly does not.

Not only was Tom the reason that Blink has been unable to record a new album, but also he is being extremely immature about the whole situation. Can the band recover from this? I do not think so, I think this is it. The band will never be the same. Mark and Travis will continue with Blink-182 music, and Tom will most likely focus on Angels and Airwaves, as he has been. It is sad to see this happen not only as a fan of music but a huge fan of Blink.

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