In the negative degrees, with ice frosting the grass, the Avonworth swim team was left without a bus, and without a way home. Luckily, Brentwood, another school competing in WPIALS let the frozen swimmers get warm on their bus while waiting for another. This unfortunate mishap on Friday afternoon did not stop the team, however, from doing shockingly well at WPIALS. Avonworth, a much smaller school, proved themselves to be formidable competitors.

“We are one of the smaller schools, but we did really well,” said sophomore Logan Yovetich, “a few records were even broken.”

The self-titled “Dream Team”, consisting of sophomore Anna Wagner, junior Rebecca Volk, and sophomores Carrie Haney and Maura Scrabis broke a record for the women’s freestyle relay. Freshmen Nick Madey broke his own record for the one hundred yard butterfly, a time accomplished previously in the season. Junior Brach Herzig also shattered the record for the one hundred yard freestyle race.

Yovetich also says “WPIALS were absolutely exhausting, but it was fun. I was glad to see everyone’s work pay off.”

Typically a forgotten, ill-respected sport, swimming seems to be making a splash at Avonworth. The 2014-201 season brags the larges team in Avonworth-Northgate history. As the records keep breaking, Yovetich “hopes to see more people join” and begin to understand the “hard work, dedication and physical work” it takes to be a real swimmer.


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