Hello and welcome to the Perfect Distractions, where I see what is distracting the people of Avonworth while in their classes. Today I am looking at sophomore Christian Guzzo and he distraction in his IM2 class.

Christian was sitting in his math class thinking about a game called Stick Badminton, an online flash game he plays in his free time. He enjoys the game because he is “good at it and just gotten all the characters.” The game is a 2-d game based on stick figures with hats, hair, and other things to differentiate them from one another, playing badminton. While thinking about this something else happened that distracted him even more.

One of Christian’s classmates, who normally wears a hat, took off their hat to reveal what Christian says was “A 90’s cool kid hair cut.” He described the experience as awful and frightening. “It scarred me for life.” Christian said, “It was just awful.” The classmate in question shall remain anonymous as Christian didn’t want to let them know what he thought.

After what Christian described as “an awful experience.” the classroom distraction continued later when one of his other classmates began eating an apple. Christian said “They were chewing the apple so loudly.” and then mentioned how this made him miss some of the more important parts of class that day.

Luckily for Christian, he said the thing that got him back on track was Mr. Cario, and his teaching methods. Christian said that Mr. Cario’s teaching style got him back on track with what was going on. I being a Junior also went through Mr. Cario’s IM2 class and can say that a lot of what he taught stuck with me almost solely because of his teaching style. Keep up the good work Mr. Cario.

As for Christian, my advice is to not look at people in hats, and people eating apples. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll thank me. Thanks for reading and remember, stay distracted; unless you’re being taught something important.

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