Hello everyone and welcome to the Perfect Distractions, where I go and find out what is distracting the people of Avonworth while in their classes. In today’s Distraction I will cover junior Sam Kott’s normal classroom distractions as well as my own. For Sam her average distraction is books; thinking about books she is reading, and thinking about what is going to happen next in her books. She will be sitting in her class when, pop, she remembers a scene from a book and tries to use it to find out what happens next.

Sam is also distracted when she has to use technology, such as her phone and the computers. She says that in one class when she had her work done she started “Staring at funny pictures for the last 20 minutes.” While this may seem bad she also says she works better at home and gets more done. As for my normal classroom distraction, it’s just my brain’s random thoughts during the day. For example, I was sitting in one of my classes trying to pay attention when out of nowhere I began thinking about Cotton candy. Before I knew it I had missed 10 minutes of class so my brain could make up random questions about cotton candy.

These thoughts can come out of nowhere for me, and can range from cotton candy to the last time I saw a spider. My other normal distraction is what’s around the room. This I find can make me distracted for almost twice as long depending on what I see. If there is something like a poster or hand drawn picture I could sit there for almost half an hour just noticing everything about it. That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading, and remember, don’t get too distracted.

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