For such a quiet animal in the wild, the Antelopes at Avonworth have certainly made a lot of noise in athletics. When talking about the Lopes, most people are often referencing the football team, or maybe volleyball, basketball, or track. For as much as Avonworth’s sports teams get talked about, though, one very under-appreciated team that often gets overlooked is the bowling team.

Having just completed their fourth official regular season, Avonworth’s bowling team is playing in the playoffs and quite possibly in regionals as well. “I’d say our chances are pretty good,” commented senior Emily Grambo. “We haven’t lost a game this season.”

And while the team has always seen a decent amount of success, Grambo credits this year’s exceptional record largely to the actual players: “This is the first year that we have seniors who have played all the way through,” she said, meaning that two of the seniors this year, including herself and Lauren Schoeppner, are the first seniors to ever play on the team all the way fro their freshman year in high school. “Also Hannah [Schoeppner] and Kimmi [D’Ottavio]. They helped us a lot,” Grambo said with a chuckle. Other seniors on the team include Maria Foster, Kara Rudzik, Isaac Schmitt, and Matt Noethiger.

Even though bowling doesn’t get as much time in the spotlight as the other sports at Avonworth, the admiration for the team was clear on Grambo’s face while reminiscing upon her time at the lanes. Even though bowling was something that she had to carefully juggle between college applications, varsity volleyball, and the other insanities of Senior Year, she’s more than glad that she stuck with the team. “It was a really good experience,” Grambo said. “Every time I bowl in the future now I’ll think of them.”

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