This past weekend, Crazy-D had a basic procedure to get his wisdom teeth removed. Yes, even big time music stars are everyday people sometimes that have to go through basic surgeries such as this. Was Crazy-D a little hopped up on medications? It was hard to tell thanks to him not posting anything to any social media. Too bad, that would have made for a great laugh.

A bigger question looms about Crazy’s antics online. Where is his shirt? Some of his most popular vines consist of a close up of his face but you can still see his shoulders and the top of his chest. In his “Coco” vine, he also still has his watch on. Why not a shirt?

My personal theory is that he is trying to be like fellow rappers who commonly do not wear shirts as well. Like Lil Wayne or 50 Cent. He has to out do them in every way possible. Being shirtless is just another one of those ways. He has to continue to prove that he is better than them and posting extreme close-ups while rapping to “Rap God,” by Eminem, is only going to aid Crazy-D in making it to the top.

I am perfectly fine Crazy posting without a shirt on, he has to prove he is better and it adds to the comedy. He knows what he is doing and does not care if the haters think he is trying to show off or is trying too hard.

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