Beat reporting for Crazy-D was a new experience as a journalist and writer. It was cool to talk to Andrew and learn a little bit more about him. Looking back through some old vines he had posted for a good laugh was also great fun.

Admittedly it was difficult coming up with something to write everyday, but once I had the topic in mind the rest came naturally. My favorite one to write was, without a doubt, the first social media story. It was fun going back into Andrews twitter to find his hilarious vines.

I did this beat purely for comedy and a few laughs. I hope everyone that read laughed just as much as I did writing them. Along the road I did manage to get a little information on his mixtape. I am looking forward to see what kind of stories Andrew can come up with. He does have great writing skills and decent songs. I will agree also that I have not listened to a Crazy-D song in about two years, but I will be sure to listen to “Euphoria and Horror Stories.”

I hope Andrew, or as he is better known as Crazy-D, all the best with his future. Even beyond rapping. Best of luck to him in the upcoming track season and college ahead. He has a bright future and I am honored to say I could write about him before he was popular. Anything to prove I am a self-proclaimed hipster.

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