Crazy-D has decided he is – most  likely  – going to take his talents to Geneva College or Point Park this upcoming fall 2015 semester for his freshman year in college. He will study communications and run cross country and track. With so much that is going to change for him in the future, will he be able to keep his rap career afloat?

Maybe all of the change from just a high school kid by day and rapper on the streets by night to becoming a maturing man in college could change his outlook on life and writing music. He will be coming “Straight outta Emsworth” and into a dorm before we all know it. Will he turn such a dorm into a recording studio and continue to spit rhymes in college? Will he get a new posse in college and maybe even begin doing more live shows? These are all questions that would puzzle any die-hard fan, but there is no need to worry.

Crazy-D has a plan to continue his rap career in college. He would not be able to give it up, he has been doing this since his first rap battle in his freshman year in high school and has only been looking up ever since. He will, however, be taken off the streets and put into a college setting. Surrounded by kids looking for answers, caffeine, and sleep, it will not be an easy change. Fans should have hope that this will only inspire Crazy-D to write more and drop new songs as much as he can.

I mentioned before Crazy-D is preparing a new mixtape for, not only his beloved but also his haters. He is not worried about what they have to say, in fact his haters inspire him and keep him motivated. “It’s not for show. I do what I do, and stopped caring long ago about other people’s opinions. They are entitled to them, and I am entitled to not care about them.”

“Euphoria and Horror Stories” is a mixtape that should not disappoint. Other rappers are out there shaking in their shoes when they hear Crazy-D is back in the studio, only with more inspiration.

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