Screenshot of Crazy-D's "Coco" vine
Screenshot of Crazy-D’s “Coco” vine

The best and worst of Crazy-D’s social media experiences. Everywhere from vine to twitter, together we will relive the most notable moments for Crazy-D. If you can sit through enough tweets about the Steelers and other big time sporting events you stumble across a gold mine of laughs.

#ImBoutaShaveThisIJustShavedThis is one of the more popular ones. He has done it twice and it involves nothing more than two quick shots of Crazy. The first is him pointing to his face, more particularly his goatee, and saying “I’m about to shave this.” Then the next shot is him in the same pose but shaved, saying “I just shaved this.” On repeat it can have a viewer laughing for a good while.

Crazy-D is also known for rapping on vine. He will do parodies of popular rap songs. The most recent is him parodying “Coco” by OT Genesis. He says “I’m in love with the coco,” then holds up a case of chocolate cocoa powder that in the next line he says along the rhythm of the song, “I got it from Giant Eagle.” This vine is His vines are simply hilarious and a great surprise as he is rarely on social media.

Crazy-D is #CleanShavenAndFeelingSexy as we all await a new vine to come out and give us something to laugh at and brighten our day. Will it be another parody? Or is it almost time for him to shave? The saga of Crazy-D’s social media antics are much awaited.

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